5 Black Friday Shopping Tips to Keep You Moving


Okay! It’s rarely mentioned but one of the biggest things that many people look forward to during the holiday season is Black Friday. There! I’ve put it out there, as so many people consider those two words to be the culprit that steals the joy of the season. However, there are some that spend the entire year preparing to make the next one epic!

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Your New Boss Calls You Mommy


I’m sure many moms would agree that becoming a mom presents an array of joys, challenges, smiles and tears. The joy of watching our little babies blossom and turn into sweet toddlers is magnificent. The stages: infant, toddler, boss and in that exact order.

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Knock a Few Things Off of Your Bucket List this Fall


Fall has arrived, leaves are changing, boots are out, scarves are on deck and the holiday season is quickly approaching. This is the time of year when most want to cuddle up and stay indoors but fall is also a great time to take care of a few things on your bucket list. Don’t wait, go ahead and start now!

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Have You Become a Social Media Junky

blog social media

Let’s face it, social media has quickly become one of the hottest go-to platforms of the century. It’s a social magnet that attracts people of all ages for a variety of reasons. What may have started as a simple way to maintain casual contact among friends, has quickly advanced to something of a much larger magnitude.

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