6 Ways to Save Money During this Holiday Season


Do you know that people spend more money during the holiday season than any other time of the year? Oh, you’re one of those people? Between Black Friday shopping and the New Year, there is no end to the spending and many people are left to fear the New Year with mounting debt. Here are a few ways to save during the holiday season.

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Reasons You Should Keep Coconut Oil in Your Life


You hear or read about it everywhere you go, yet you’re not really sure why you still don’t have the infamous coconut oil in your home or life. The health benefits are endless and have proven to be quite motivational for those who prefer natural remedies to some of the most common problems.

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Little League Sports Have Gone From Exciting To Violent

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Every year parents and spectators look forward to little league baseball, football, basketball and other associated sports. The season of high school sports is also one that gets the juices going. A recent rash of events have turned what is meant to be exciting opportunities for the kids into boxing matches for the parents and officials.

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