Wedding Ideas: 10 Original Tips for an Unforgettable Wedding

original wedding ideas

Of course every wedding is already original, but here are a few creative wedding ideas to make it even more original and unforgettable. 

1. The invitations

You can start being creative with your invitations. Instead of just a regular card, you can send a CD with some songs that have a special meaning for you. Or you can make your invitations look like a cinema ticket. If you are creative enough, you can think of lots of different ways to make your invitations.

2. Wedding theme

It might not be the first thing you think of, but you can already make a difference by choosing a theme. Are you and your partner addicted to a TV show or a movie? Choose that show/movie as your wedding theme. Maybe you like Disney movies and want to marry like a Disney princess. Maybe you are a Walking Dead addict and you want your guests to come as ‘walkers’. You can also get really creative with a Harry Potter theme. There are a lot of wedding ideas regarding wedding themes. If you’re really going for it, your wedding is definitely going to be on the ‘unforgettable weddings’ lists of your guests.

3. Wedding program goodie bags

Make some goodie bags filled with sparklers (to light up when you come in), a tissue with your names on it (in case they get emotional) and some other cute/funny things. Write the wedding program on the bag and give the bags to the guests while you welcome them. This is a different way to present your wedding program to your guests and it will make them more involved in the program.

4. Personalized isle

Ever thought of ways to make the isle more personal? Write down your love story or make pretty shapes with rose leaves to make it more romantic.

5. Table numbers

Give table numbers a twist. Instead of 1-15, go for numbers with a meaning. For instance, table number 27: this is the day in May we met. Or table number 9: the grooms lucky number. You can literally write down any number you like, as long as you write a little description below.

6. Question Cards

Instead of a guestbook, you can make cards with questions like ‘what is the first meal we should cook’ or ‘what should we name our kids’. Your guests can give you advice, tips and tricks and it will be more fun than a guestbook. Besides, people often find it easier to answer questions rather than coming up with something nice to write in a book.

7. Wedding Cake

You can also find creative ways to add something extra to your wedding cake. You can use small sticks with pictures of your partner and yourself to crown your wedding cake instead of using a cake topper for instance. Or if you have a TV show/movie theme, you can ask for a cake that matches the theme.

8. Children entertainment

If you don’t want to be bothered by screaming children running all over the place, you can easily bring them to another room or area with children entertainment. They can play games, make paintings, eat candy and have a good time either. Win-win.

9. Pictures

Using pictures is also something you need to consider. Remember that goodie bag we just told you about? Put a disposable camera in the bag with and ask your guests to take pictures of whatever they like. This way everyone will have their own memories of your wedding on pictures. Also ask someone to take polaroid pictures and hang them on a string. After the wedding you can take the string and hang it somewhere in your house. And those pictures will be your memories.

10. Food truck

Last but not least, hire a food truck and give the guests that are still there after midnight some late night snacks. For instance, you can go for Mexican food. Give out some nachos, taco’s or for the hungry people even extra filled burritos. You can also just go for a burger food truck. Late night burgers with fries and milkshakes. Pretty much everything that is fast food is a good idea. 

With these awesome wedding ideas your wedding is really going to be unforgettable. Write them down somewhere so you don’t forget anything and have fun planning your wedding! If you need more inspiration, check out our wedding board on Pinterest.

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