How to Look Stylish in Leggings when You’re Over 40


Killing the stigma that women over 40 have to dress their age, as if what exactly dictates age appropriate leggings. They’re comfortable, cute and downright chic so perhaps they were created with the forty something woman in mind. You can look great in your leggings over 40 and there are several ways to style them. Take a look at a few of these options.A

As far as I’m concerned, leggings shouldn’t be worn as trousers at any age, but that’s just my opinion. However, if you’re over 40, definitely steer clear of the trouser style with your leggings, no matter what color they are.

Leggings look great when worn as an under element of the outfit. Perhaps to add support for your other clothing and not necessarily the main garment. This is ideal if you are already a tad bit uncomfortable about wearing them in the first place.

A stylish concept that is making big waves this season is wearing loose fitting leggings beneath tunics or dresses. This presents a classy and stylish look that is gorgeous and feels great when worn. Any age would appreciate this style but especially the 40+ crowd.

Leggings can basically work with any body style and some women prefer to wear them because they are simple to create an outfit in very little time. There are some leggings that offer the reinforced option and others that have a textured exterior design. Theae are best for the heavier shapes that desire a bit more  of control or for much less to be revealed during wear.

The easiest and most often the go-to style for most women, especially over 40 is to pair the leggings with an oversized shirt or sweater. This comes together well for taking the children to school or picking them up, running errands or meeting a friend for lunch.

Many people admire leggings because they are a great item to wear during summer and winter months. Paired with flats or boots, they simply look like a well-designed outfit that you’ve put together.

At 40 or older, there are a few things you may want to avoid when wearing leggings.

  • Tops that are cut higher than mid-thigh
  • Tight fitting tops or blouses
  • Don’t overdo the animal prints or dramatic colors but turn to the jersey fabric for comfort and style

Don’t get leggings confused with jeggings or skinny jeans because they are definitely NOT one in the same but most importantly, wear what makes you comfortable. Self esteem is everything at any age and always wear items that you are proud to be seen in and feel great wearing.

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