Wedding Gift Ideas: 7 Tips for Gifts to Give the Couple

wedding gift ideas

Buying a wedding gift is really fun if you know the couple. If you don’t really know them that well, it can get quite hard choosing something. Here’s a list with wedding gift ideas, in case you have no idea what to buy.

1. Restaurant reservation

Find out where the couple is going for their honeymoon. Do some research on good restaurants in that area and make a reservation for them as a gift.

2. Kitchen tools

I can guarantee you there is still something missing in their kitchen. If you know what they’re missing, you know what to buy. If you don’t know though, you can always buy some unusual things that are still helpful. Besides, because they’re so unusual, you’ll know for sure the couple doesn’t already own such thing.

3. Cooking

If you know the couple has no cooking skills, you can enroll them in a cooking class. If they have no trouble preparing their own food, you can buy the ingredients of a complete meal and put it in a bowl. They’ll have a good time cooking together and enjoy a great meal thanks to you.

4. Making packages

The putting-in-a-bowl thing also applies to other things. For instance, you can make a package of cleaning products. Because they probably haven’t thought of buying those before getting married.

5. Personalized stuff

You can literally personalize everything. You can give the couple pillows with their names on it, a cutting board with their names on it or even a doormat. Basically everything with their names on it. This shows that you didn’t just grab the first thing you saw, but you actually put some thought in your gift.

6. Extreme sports

Sending the couple bungee jumping, skydiving, rafting or paragliding. There are lots of other sports you can think of. No matter which one you choose, this will be an unforgettable experience for the couple.

7. DIY

If you are low on money, or you just can’t find anything, why not just do it yourself? Besides, things you put effort in are often more appreciated than things you just buy and there are a lot of wedding gift ideas that are self-made instead of bought.

There you have 7 wedding gift ideas you can use multiple times on different weddings. And if you use your creativity, you can come up with lots of different variations on the ideas we gave you!

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