5 Romantic Ways to Ring in New Years with Your Love


Every year you promise yourself that next year, you’ll do something different. New Year’s Eve rolls around and you’re stuck with the same ideas or doing the same old thing. What could you possibly do to change it up a bit or more importantly, make it more romantic? Here are a few romantic ideas to bring in the New Year with your love.

1. Just the Two of You

You’ve spent the entire holiday with friends and family and now you’re eager for a little bit of alone time with the one you love. Ring in New Years with only him or her at your side or perhaps, join a festive crowd but whatever you do, make it romantic and make it memorable.

2. Make it Fun

Perhaps the two of you will decide to play it low-key and not join any of the festivities this time around but instead, stay in and cozy up by the fire. Play games, tell stories or simply spend time in each others arms.

3. Plan a Romantic Get-Away

Spend New Year’s Eve away and it doesn’t have to be far away to be enjoyable. Make reservations at your favorite inn or hotel and toast the New Year in with the love of your life. This is a great way to avoid the constant pop ins from friend and family during the New Year but instead, makes it possible to enjoy an uninterrupted night for two.

4. Host a Couples Cheer

This means that you and your mate will be the host for the New Year’s festivities. Invite other couples that you would enjoy spending the evening with and arrange for simple foods and lots of drinks. Everyone can come dressed to impress and remember to take great photos to share with the social media family.

5. Wine and Dine

It’s a great idea to plan to cook a light meal together and simply enjoy the moment. Remember to add your favorite bottle or two of wine to the menu. Just sit and relax at the table as you think about plans for the new year and when the clock strikes 12, raise your glasses for the toast?

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