Easy & Healthy Recipes for the Working Mom

easy & healthy recipes

Coming home tired after work and still having to cook is not something most moms look forward to. With these recipes, you can make healthy meals in no time. We’ve also added one breakfast recipe and one lunch idea to the list.

Veggie Burger Recipe

This Edgy Veg is a channel that makes vegan recipes. They even create the vegan version of some fast food classics. For instance, they made a vegan Big Mac from Mc Donalds and a vegan Crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell. In this video they make a black bean and mushroom burger. This is a healthy burger you can recreate at home for your kids in no time!

3 Skillet Suppers: Easy Weeknight Dinners

The Domestic Geek creates all kinds of recipes in her videos. From breakfast to dinner to desserts. In this video she shows us three different meals, each made in one skillet. The first one is a shrimp rice recipe, the second one is an Italian inspired chicken and the last one is a recipe for mushroom & kale quinoa. The recipes are easy, healthy and look delicious!

3 Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas

3 more easy & healthy recipes! The first one is a fish taco bar, the second one a lemon & pesto potato salad and the last one a roasted artichoke with garlic lemon aoli. Your kids will definitely love these recipes!

The Easiest Chorizo & Potato Recipe

Sorted food creates recipes with the advice of their viewers. It’s all about making recipes in the fastest way possible. In this video they show us the ‘easiest’ way to make chorizo & potato.

School Lunch Ideas: Lunch on a Stick

This is a Youtube account every mom should be subscribed to. Stacie Billies is ‘One Hungry Mama’ and creates lots of recipes for her 2 boys. She also gives you tips about presenting food in a way kids won’t refuse to eat. In this video she gives you lunch ideas you can put on a stick. This way, even a normal sandwich will look special to your kids and they’ll definitely eat it!

Mixed Fruit Pancakes

Mums Eye View is also a channel every mom should follow. They make all kinds of different videos. From family food inspiration to health & fitness encouragement and even beauty & fashion tips. In this video you’ll see how to make delicious, quick and easy mixed fruit pancakes.

We absolutely love these easy & healthy recipes. Are you gonna try to make one of these recipes?

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