5 Ways Stay at Home Parents Earn Extra Income

extra income

It must be stated and universally understood is that being a stay-at-home mom is truly a job in itself. It is one of the most fulfilling positions that a mom could ever have and every minute of every day, provides a new and memorable experience. But if you want to earn extra income while home, here are a few great ways to do so.

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How to Look Stylish in Leggings when You’re Over 40


Killing the stigma that women over 40 have to dress their age, as if what exactly dictates age appropriate leggings. They’re comfortable, cute and downright chic so perhaps they were created with the forty something woman in mind. You can look great in your leggings over 40 and there are several ways to style them. Take a look at a few of these options.A

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5 Romantic Ways to Ring in New Years with Your Love


Every year you promise yourself that next year, you’ll do something different. New Year’s Eve rolls around and you’re stuck with the same ideas or doing the same old thing. What could you possibly do to change it up a bit or more importantly, make it more romantic? Here are a few romantic ideas to bring in the New Year with your love.

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6 Ways to Save Money During this Holiday Season


Do you know that people spend more money during the holiday season than any other time of the year? Oh, you’re one of those people? Between Black Friday shopping and the New Year, there is no end to the spending and many people are left to fear the New Year with mounting debt. Here are a few ways to save during the holiday season.

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